The Best 5 Eating Joints in Wellington

Best Eating Joints
The Best Five Eating Joints in Wellington

Wellington the capital city of New Zealand is full of life with shopping markets, street sculptures, bars and restaurants, and many popular eating joints. Here you will come to know of the best five places of eateries where you will relish the dish of the day!

No.Eating JointsLocationContactWebsite
1.Havana Bar32a – 34 Wigan St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, NZ+64 4-384
2.Ekim Burgers257 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington City
3.Fidel’s Cafe234 Cuba St, Te Aro 6011, NZ+64 4-801
4.Scorch-o-rama497 Karaka Bay Rd, Karaka Bays 6022, NZ+64 4-388 4970
5.Rogue and Vagabond18 Garrett St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, NZ+64 4-381

1. Havana Bar – Eating Joints in Wellington

Location: 32a – 34 Wigan St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand
Phone: +64 4-384 7039


Havana Bar
Havana Bar

Havana Bar is a very popular place among the locals and tourists.  At first glance, you will find it a colorful historic wooden cottage once you make your way around the corner onto tucked away Wigan Street. It is an award-winning cocktail bar and restaurant serving a variety of Spanish-inspired dishes.

The Tapas Menu includes beetroot, cheese with walnuts, and truffle honey as the favorite of all. Also, sauteed prawns and Kashmiri chili with garlic just make your taste buds go tangy.

The indoor and outdoor bar is unique. References to the bar’s Cuban namesake can be found all over, from the candlelit display of the Virgin Mary in the entrance to the postcards and murals adorning the walls. The bar supports local and international musicians and DJs three nights a week for your listening pleasure. A divine place for a meal in Havana.

2. Ekim Burgers

Location: 257 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington City

Ekim Burgers
Ekim Burgers

Ekim is the famous name when talking of burgers in the city of Wellington. It is Mike’s orange caravan that hits the menu with 26 types of burgers to choose from. The lowest price is $5 for a burger, what else would you want so delicious and simple

First found serving the surf community of Lyall Bay, Ekim Burgers recently made this more permanent home for their burger caravan on upper Cuba Street. With metal drums painted by local street artists serving as tables, and army netting providing shade, it’s a great spot to soak up the flavors and bohemian vibe of Wellington’s famous Cuba quarter.

3. Fidel’s Cafe

Location:234 Cuba St, Te Aro 6011, New Zealand

Phone:+64 4-801 6868


Fidel's Cafe
Fidel’s Cafe

Fidels is one of the cafes where you will love to have a good coffee, decent breakfast, and meals to have a good time. There’s a courtyard out the back complete with camouflage netting overhead and a little ceramic water filter where customers are welcome to have a relaxing moment.

Go for a breakfast burrito to keep you going all day, or maybe a date scone or a slice of rhubarb tart to get you through to lunch.

Toasted pork and cheese sambos aside, there are plenty of delicious options to be found in their freshly stocked cabinet, as well as on their menu. Snickers milkshake is one of the favorites of all to relish.

4. Scorch-o-rama

Location: 497 Karaka Bay Rd, Karaka Bays 6022, New Zealand

Phone: +64 4-388 4970


Scorch-O-Rama Cafe is a relaxed cafe near Wellington’s Scorching Bay, with stunning views and the only cross-the-road dining in New Zealand. Only 10 10-minute drive from the central city, or alternatively, the number 2 bus takes you near this stunningly positioned coastal café.

Scorch O Rama can cater for up to 120 diners, nearly half of them outside across the road. The cafe is open from 8 am on weekends and 8.30 am on weekdays and offers breakfast, brunch and lunch.

The food is reasonably priced standard bacon and eggs cost NZ$15. Two of Scorch O Rama’s favorites are the seafood chowder at$20 and the roast fish NZ$21. The coffee is excellent and service-friendly.

5. Rogue and Vagabond

Location: 18 Garrett St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand

Phone: +64 4-381 2321


Rogue and Vagabond
Rogue and Vagabond

The Rogue and Vagabond, nestled just off Cuba St in Glover Park, is a Wellington craft beer bar. Described as ‘like having a beer at your mate’s place ‘ The Rogue and Vagabond is an easy-going bar. You can enjoy live local original music with a monthly rotation of local artists.

While technically more bar than eating spot, Rogue, and Vagabond warrant inclusion due to the colorful beanbags scattered around Glover Park, where you can lazily enjoy their prolific craft beer range in the sun.

The Rogue and Vagabond is unique in its own way as allows pets and is a dog-friendly bar. Feel free to people-watch in peace while Bruce, their French Bulldog bouncer, patrols the area.

Besides the other awesome places to eat in Wellington are Hippopotamus Restaurant and Cocktail Bar; Logan Brown; Ortega Fish Shack and Bar, The Larder, and many others.

Any other best eating points that you feel to share.


Wellington, the vibrant capital of New Zealand, is a foodie’s paradise with diverse eateries. From the award-winning Havana Bar offering Spanish-inspired delights to Ekim Burgers’ famous $5 treats, the city has something for every palate. Fidel’s Cafe, known for its cozy courtyard and Snickers milkshakes, adds a delightful touch.

Scorch-O-Rama, near Scorching Bay, offers scenic views and delectable dishes, while Rogue and Vagabond, a craft beer bar, promises a laid-back experience. These spots reflect Wellington’s culinary richness, making it a must-visit for those seeking a blend of flavors and unique dining atmospheres.


What makes Havana Bar unique among Wellington eateries?

Havana Bar stands out for its historic wooden cottage setting, vibrant atmosphere, and award-winning cocktails. It offers a variety of Spanish-inspired dishes, making it a favorite among locals and tourists.

What’s special about Ekim Burgers in Wellington?

Ekim Burgers is renowned for its diverse burger menu, with 26 options to choose from. Housed in a distinctive orange caravan, it provides delicious and affordable burgers, starting at $5.

Why is Fidel’s Cafe popular in Wellington?

Fidel’s Cafe is loved for its cozy ambiance, good coffee, and diverse menu. The courtyard adds a relaxed touch, and their Snickers milkshake is a favorite among patrons.

What sets Scorch-O-Rama apart from other cafes?

Scorch-O-Rama offers a unique coastal dining experience near Scorching Bay. With stunning views, outdoor seating, and a diverse menu, it’s a relaxed cafe perfect for breakfast, brunch, and lunch.

Why visit Rogue and Vagabond in Wellington?

Rogue and Vagabond, a craft beer bar, offer a laid-back atmosphere with live music and a variety of craft beers. The dog-friendly bar in Glover Park is known for its vibrant beanbags and unique charm.

Are there any other notable eating spots in Wellington?

Yes, Wellington boasts other excellent eateries like Hippopotamus Restaurant, Logan Brown, Ortega Fish Shack and Bar, and The Larder, providing a diverse range of culinary experiences.

What is the signature dish at Havana Bar?

Havana Bar’s Tapas Menu features favorites like beetroot and cheese with walnuts, truffle honey, sauteed prawns, and Kashmiri chili with garlic.

How affordable are Ekim Burgers in Wellington?

Ekim Burgers offer affordability, with prices starting at $5 for a burger, making it a popular choice for delicious yet budget-friendly options.

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