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four Egyptian pokies app

Ever find yourself lost in daydreams of Egyptian tombs, mystical scarabs, and the glittering gold of Pharaohs? Prepare to be transported to a time of wonders with these four top-rated Egyptian-themed pokies apps for your mobile.

We’ve handpicked the four best Egyptian-themed pokies apps that combine stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, and the potential for some seriously impressive wins.

Game TitleDescriptionFeaturesDeveloperPlatform
Book of DeadEgyptian-themed pokies5×3 reels, High-end graphics, Free Spins feature, Wild/Scatter symbolPlay’n GoOnline Casino
Age of PyramidsBuilding simulation gameConstruct ancient city, Sail down the Nile, Summon Egyptian godsNot specifiedMobile App
Egyptian SenetAncient board gameOldest known board game, Afterlife journey theme, Eye of Horus protectionEzzat StudiosMobile App, Steam
Secret Expedition to Ancient EgyptHidden object mystery gameBreak the curse of the Pharaoh, Explore pyramids, Solve mysteriesNot specifiedMobile App

1. Book of Dead – Egyptian-themed Pokies

Book of Dead - Egyptian-themed pokies
Book of Dead – Egyptian-themed pokies

Ancient Egyptian-style music fills the air the moment you log on to this game and enter the temple backdrop the reels are displayed against, classic pillars frame the screen, and the 5×3 reels are divided by more historical columns in traditional colours.

The graphics are well produced and blend seamlessly between screen change events such as wins or bonus rounds. Misty edges add a magical feel, and the game has a high-end feel.

Developed by Play’n Go, you will find the playing cards format from 9 through to Ace for the lower value icons.

Portraits of Anubis and Osiris are the most common high-value symbols in the game, while the explorer Riche Wilde himself is the highest paying. The Book of Dead acts as the game’s wild and scatter, whilst 3 of them will activate the game’s free spins feature.

The main draw of the game feature-wise is, by far, the bonus spins game, initiated by the combination of wild/scatter symbols represented by the Book of the Dead. 3 on the screen initiate the bonus game, and 3 more at any time during the spins will retrigger the round.

Match 5 of the top value Riche wild symbols during the bonus spins for the max win of 5000 times your bet! This makes the game’s volatility relatively high, but jackpot-chasing players will view that as a positive aspect of the game.

The 250000 coin jackpot alone will appeal to many players, whilst the well-proven theme and structure provide a reliable if not precisely initially pleasing play experience and the minimum bet of 0.10 lets anyone take a shot at the big jackpot.

2. Age of Pyramids: Egyptian-themed Pokies

Age of Pyramids
Age Of Pyramids: Ancient Egypt

Age of Pyramids: Ancient Egypt, a mobile game app, is available at app stores for you to enjoy the pokies.  This building simulation game is set when people believed in gods, and it’s your job to raise your Egyptian city from the desert.

As a result, you’ll have to sail ships down the Nile to get the building blocks necessary for constructing massive temples while ensuring the crops on your farm don’t succumb to blight.

What’s best is that this game allows you to summon a range of Egyptian gods like Thoth, Horus, and Amun Ra to aid you in your quest to create the ultimate ancient metropolis. This is one of the Egyptian-themed pokies.

3. Egyptian Senet-Egyptian-Themed Pokies

Egyptian senet
Egyptian Senet

Senet is a board game from predynastic and ancient Egypt; the earliest known record of backgammon, checkers, draughts, ludo, and chess-like games—the oldest hieroglyph representing a Senet game dates to around 3500 BC. The game’s full name in Egyptian was “The game of passing”.

The Mysterious Afterlife Journey And The Favorite Pastime Of The Pharaoh Tutankhamun. This is one of the Egyptian-themed pokies. The Artifact Of The World’s Oldest Board Game was Found In King Tut’s Tomb Beside The Golden Coffin and sarcophagus.

After performing the opening of the mouth ceremony on your mummy by Anubis, you start your afterlife journey protected by the Eye of Horus(Wadjet) to pass through the underworld realm of Osiris, challenging an invisible adversary inside an Egyptian hidden tomb in The Valley of the Queens located near the better known Valley of the Kings, on the west bank of the Nile river across from Thebes (Luxor).

You don’t have to travel back in 5,000 years to play Senet, as Ezzat Studios has done a pretty good job recreating this game for your new smartphone or playing on Steam.

4. Secret Expedition to Ancient Egypt

Secret Expedition To Ancient Egypt
Secret Expedition To Ancient Egypt

Break the curse of the Pharaoh! Travel to Egypt and solve the mystery that has bothered people for centuries. Download Secret Expedition to Ancient Egypt – the best-hidden object game. The full version is free. Start the mystery adventure and be the best treasure hunter in history.

Find hidden evidence and prepare for the ancient pyramid escape. Play the best seek-and-find game for adults and enjoy an unforgettable adventure! This is one of the Egyptian-themed pokies.

It’s adventure time! If you love mystery games with hidden objects, you will be more than satisfied with this ancient Egypt game free download!

Download “Secret Expedition to Ancient Egypt”, the best-hidden object game free, and get into the time machine. Visit old pyramids and tombs of the pharaohs and walk down the secret passages. Search and find hidden items, and let the exploration begin! You can download the game now on your mobile.

You can play other Egyptian-themed pokies for real money at NZ online casinos.


In conclusion, these four top-rated Egyptian-themed pokies apps offer an immersive and thrilling experience for enthusiasts of ancient Egyptian culture.

From the mystical reels of “Book of Dead” to the strategic gameplay of “Egyptian Senet,” each app brings a unique blend of graphics, features, and entertainment.

Whether you’re exploring ancient tombs, constructing cities, or solving mysteries, these apps cater to diverse gaming preferences.

Download these engaging games and embark on a virtual journey to the land of pharaohs, unlocking hidden treasures and enjoying these apps’ rich narratives. It’s time to spin the reels and unravel the mysteries of ancient Egypt on your mobile device.


What is the main attraction of the “Book of Dead” game?

The primary feature is the bonus spins game activated by the Book of Dead symbols. Three symbols initiate the bonus game, with the potential to retrigger additional spins.

Achieving five Riche Wilde symbols during the bonus spins can lead to a max win of 5000 times the bet.

How does the “Age of Pyramids” differ from other Egyptian-themed pokies?

“Age of Pyramids” is a building simulation game set in ancient Egypt. Players raise a city by sailing down the Nile, constructing temples, and summoning Egyptian gods. It combines pokie elements with a city-building strategy, offering a unique gaming experience.

What is “Egyptian Senet,” and why is it considered an Egyptian-themed pokie?

Egyptian Senet” is an adaptation of the ancient board game Senet, originating from predynastic Egypt.

It features an afterlife journey theme, incorporating elements like the Eye of Horus and challenges in hidden tombs. Developed by Ezzat Studios, it provides a virtual experience of this historic game.

How does “Secret Expedition to Ancient Egypt” blend hidden object gameplay with Egyptian themes?

This game allows players to break the curse of the Pharaoh, exploring pyramids and solving mysteries in ancient Egypt.

As a hidden object game, it combines adventure and exploration, offering a captivating experience for those intrigued by Egyptian history and artifacts.

Can these Egyptian-themed pokies be played for free?

Availability for free play depends on the specific app and platform. Many apps offer free versions or trial periods, allowing players to experience the game before committing to real-money play.

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