Best E-wallets payment method In NZ 2024

Best E-wallets payment method In NZ 2024
Best E-wallets In NZ 2024

E-wallets are considered the fastest and best option for making payments at online casinos in New Zealand.

Generally, casinos divide available methods for deposits and withdrawals, but E-wallets are present on both sides. They offer quick deposits and relatively faster withdrawals.

The withdrawals from these methods reach your wallets within 24 to 48 hours, which is quite faster than other methods like debit cards, credit cards, or vouchers.

At least one e-wallet option is available at all the casinos out there.

What are E-Wallets?

An E-wallet, or electronic wallet, is like a bank in your pocket. It’s a digital payment system allows you to complete payments with just a few clicks.

However, these are very similar to debit or credit cards, but in the form of prepaid apps.

Suppose you downloaded the Skrill app on your device. Create your account there, enter your bank details, and store your debit card data.

You can add your amount to the wallet from your bank, and this stored money can be used for future online transactions, such as grocery shop purchases, online casino games, or booking flight tickets.

However, your transactions are secured with passwords, and you need to enter that password whenever you want to make payments.

These payment methods are like digital companions for online casino players.

Best E-wallets in Online Casinos

In this digital era, online casinos must have options to make digital payments.

Hence, to cope with this technological world and increase their popularity among Kiwis, all casinos have at least one E-wallet option.

The two most popular e-wallets at almost all casinos are Neteller and Skrill.

Some of the popular electronic wallets commonly accepted by NZ casinos include:

1. Skrill

Skrill Account
Skrill Account

To use Skrill, you need to have the Skrill app on your device or start by creating an account at

Press the purple registration button. Then, you must provide some basic personal information, such as name, country, email, password, and currency.

Choosing currency at this stage is very important; once you have chosen it, you won’t be able to change it, so be very careful.

After this, there are two ways to make payments using Skrill

  1. Via Skrill Wallet
  2. Via your debit or credit card

A dedicated page lets you enter the details and the OTP to make payments via debit or credit.

However, to use the Skrill wallet, you must add a certain amount to your Skrill account, which you can do by entering some details. It’s like paying with a prepaid card.

How can you make payments via Skrill at Online Casinos?

  • Start by finding the casino with Skrill. Follow our link to find Skrill casinos.
  • Choose the deposit amount and currency
  • Select bonus if any
  • Click Deposit
  • Login to Skrill account
  • Choose a card or the wallet amount.
  • Enter Password

PokiesMobile Suggestion – Remember, Skrill has certain limits to pay without verification. If you want to pay huge amount, you will need to verify your account by uploading your personal photo ID or Utility Bill.

Skrill 1-Tap

Skrill 1-Tap is a convenient feature that lets you pay online with just one tap on your device.

Here’s how you can set it up and use it:

Setting Up Skrill 1-Tap:

  • Log In: Sign into your Skrill account.
  • Go to Settings: Navigate to the ‘Settings’ section.
  • Click Subscriptions and 1-Tap Payments: Find and select ‘Subscriptions and 1-Tap payments’ to set it up.

Using Skrill 1-Tap:

  • One-Tap Payments: Easily make payments with a single tap.
  • Versatile Payments: Use it for one-time purchases, recurring subscriptions, and repeat transactions.
  • Support for Refunds and Reversals: Enjoy hassle-free refunds and reversals if needed.

With Skrill 1-Tap, paying online has never been easier or faster. Set it up today and enjoy seamless, one-tap transactions!

2. Neteller

Neteller Account
Neteller Account

Neteller is the most popular and widely used alternative to make payments at casinos online, along with its sister method, Skrill.

It is available in more than 200 countries and is accepted by most casinos. The best part is that online casinos do not charge any fees for Neteller transactions.

Over 40 options are available to fund your Neteller account, including Visa, BOKU, Trustly, Euteller, Mastercard, and Paysafecard.

But what makes Neteller different from Skrill is the exchange feature. Adding secondary currency account balances to your primary currency allows you to avoid currency conversion fees.

Like Skrill, It is also available in many casinos, like

  • Jackpot City
  • Golden Tiger Casino
  • SkyCity Casino

Just like Skrill, Neteller also offers free-of-charge account registration. So, let’s learn how to complete Neteller account registration.

  • Start by visiting the official Neteller website.
  • Enter personal details.
  • Choose currency and click on the register button.
  • Then, click on the “Pay Online” button to process the payment.
  • Add your address and phone number.
  • A 6-digit verification code will be sent to your phone for verification.
  • Add 6 6-digit password, which will then be used for making all further payments.
  • Now, fund your account, and a box will appear asking, “Do you want to make payments available for gambling sites?” Make sure to click on “Yes”.
  • Complete verification to access
    • ID passport
    • Driver’s License
    • Your selfie

Neteller will respond within 24 hours via Email regarding the confirmation of your account verification.

PokiesMobile Suggestion – Make sure to complete all the verifications like Email, Phone and Identity, to access additional features and ability to make huge payments.

3. Payz

payz Account
Payz Account

Payz is also an online payment provider that mainly assists online shoppers and casino players. Although it is less popular than Skrill or Neteller, it still holds a good place.

It is a multi-currency place that accepts 45 types of currencies. It has been present since 2000, is operated and powered by PSI-Pay Ltd, and is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority.

It’s partnered with big companies like MasterCard and Western Union, and you can use it in 150 countries. You can open an account for free without needing a bank account.

It’s safe because it has extra security, like two-factor authentication and encryption. When you put money in, it shows up immediately, but cash out might take up to 3 days.

You can keep money in different currencies without paying extra fees to change them. ecoPayz also has cool features like a special ecoMasterCard, ecoVoucher, and an ecoVirtual Card.

How do you set up a Payz account for transactions at online casinos?

  • Visit the official page to create the ecoAccount
  • Enter all the details
  • Complete 2 Step verification
  • Verify to unlock additional features
  • Next, select and add the method for top-up. Credit/Debit can be used to fund your ecoAccount.
  • After this, visit any online casino that accepts ecoPayz and complete the prompted processes.

PokiesMobile Suggestion – Remember, unlike other where I couldn’t find any time limit for account verification but here at Payz, it was crystal clear that the account verification must be done within 48 hours of account creation. Otherwise, the account will be suspended.

5. MuchBetter

MuchBetter Account
MuchBetter Account

MuchBetter is also a digital payment service provider that offers various services, including a digital wallet and other gateways.

It was established in 2017 and launched by London-based MIR Limited UK LTD. Although available in 185 countries, it is still inaccessible to most online casinos.

How do you set up a MuchBetter Account at an online casino?

  • Start by signing up for MuchBetter.
  • Put money into your MuchBetter account.
  • On the casino website, select MuchBetter as your payment option.
  • Use your cell phone number with the country code as your wallet number.
  • Wait for a notification to confirm the transfer of funds.
  • Visit the casino, choose MuchBetter, open the MuchBetter app, log in, and click “Send” to finish.

6. Google Pay

google pay account
Google Pay Account

Google Pay is the most hands-free and hassle-free digital payment method available. It is mostly available at Baytree Casinos and Casino Rewards Casinos.

It is very accessible but less popular than Skrill and Neteller. Most of us use Skrill, but Google Pay can be your choice as it’s great availability.

The account creation and accessibility are similar to Skrill so that you will be easily created. Deposits are instant, while withdrawals take up to 2 days.

However, interestingly, Google Pay does not require additional document submissions like Photo IDs or Utility Bills.

But you must still complete the verification process by submitting one-time passwords shared in your email and phone number.

Notably, the availability of these wallets at specific online casinos may vary, and it’s essential to check the casino’s payment options before registering.

So, I recommend verifying the accepted payment methods directly on the casino’s website or contacting customer support for the most up-to-date information.

Pros and Cons of Using E-Wallets

Your structure for using such wallets at NZ online casinos looks excellent. Here are some pros and cons of using E-wallets while making payments at online casinos.


  • Faster and Convenient.
  • Withdrawals are generally completed within 24 hours.
  • Deposits are instant.
  • Accepted in most casinos.
  • Dedicated Apps are available for both Android and iOS.
  • SSL encrypted and has 2FA authentication.
  • Casinos do not charge fees for E-Wallet transactions.


  • A smaller number of E-Wallets are accepted at casinos.
  • Need to wait for KYC confirmation before making payments.
  • E-Wallets official sites might charge some fees.
  • Currency conversions are unavailable in most options.

Editor’s Verdict

To cope with this digital world, all online casinos are constantly upgrading and adding new features to meet the expectations of online casino players.

E-Wallets make deposits and withdrawals faster than older methods like Debit or Credit cards.

However, while playing pokies, I prefer using Skrill, as it is widely available and easily accessible. It also has a variation called Skrill 1-Tap for more faster transactions.

However, before choosing, you must look for certain reasons. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Check security methods.
  • Check the fee structure.
  • Check for the currency availability.
  • Complete the verification process before making transactions.
  • Always keep your passwords private.
  • Avoid keeping easy-to-guess passwords.

Remember all these things and have safe gameplay at top online casinos in New Zealand.


What is a digital wallet, and how does it work at online casinos in New Zealand?

A digital or electronic wallet is a digital payment method that allows you to store and manage your funds online. You can use digital cash at New Zealand online casinos to securely and conveniently deposit and withdraw money.

Which digital money is commonly accepted at New Zealand online casinos?

Skrill and Neteller are the most popular E-Wallets in NZ casinos. Their popularity is also due to their wide availability at most casinos.

What is the average payout time for e-wallets?

Payments from E-wallets are generally completed within 24 to 48 hours. Deposits are instant, and withdrawal might take longer.

Can I use these wallets to claim bonuses and promotions at NZ online casinos?

Yes, some casinos offer exclusive bonuses for electronic wallet users. However, be aware of potential restrictions or eligibility criteria.

How can I use these wallets responsibly at NZ online casinos?

Responsible use of such wallets includes setting spending limits, monitoring transactions, maintaining strong account security (e.g., using unique passwords and enabling two-factor authentication), and staying informed about policy changes.

How do I choose the right electronic wallet for my online casino transactions in New Zealand?

To select the right electronic wallet, research and compare options, considering fees, security features, and acceptance at your preferred online casinos.

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