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How to Play Auckland City Pokies and have Fun

How to Play Auckland City Pokies and have Fun

How to Play Auckland City Pokies and have Fun
How to Play Auckland City Pokies and have Fun

Highly involved in the up-and-coming Pokies scene, Auckland City is also the proud host of one of New Zealand’s biggest casinos, SkyCity. Opening in 1996, SkyCity was the second Casino to open, in the country. You can easily find and access other pokie machines at various bars and pubs scattered across the city. Let’s check out Auckland City pokies.

Over recent years, the number of pokie machines across Auckland has stayed the same and yet there has been a large increase in the amount of money being put into pokies. As a result, it is believed that many are blaming accessibility for the increase.

Of all profits from gaming machines, about 40 percent goes back into the community through various trusts. This money forms the backbone of numerous organizations. There is no legislation to ensure that the money goes back to the same community it came out of.

Auckland City Pokies -Auckland City Pokies
Auckland City Pokies

Current Machine Numbers

Two questions regularly asked are;

1. is there a limit to the number of machines a bar can have?

Yes. Depending on when the venue’s license was granted, the limit may vary between nine and 18. The maximum number is 18 if it was before October 2001. Whereas, if it was after October 2001 the maximum number is nine.

2. Is there any limit on the number of pokie machines in a district?

The Gambling Act requires any territorial authorities to adopt a policy in the location of Class 4 gambling venues. It must be specified whether Class 4 venues may be established in the territorial authority district, and if so, where they may be located.  It may specify restrictions as to the maximum number of operating gaming machines.

Local councils also have class 4 venue policies which may typically include:

  • an ability to relocate 18 machine venues to new sites
  • caps on the number of venues
  • total number of gaming machines
  • A ‘sinking lid’ policy
number of pokie machines in a district
number of pokie machines in a district

Class 4 Venues

Venues must be entirely non-commercial and be established to raise funds for “authorized” or community purposes. Class 4 gambling involves non-casino electronic gaming machines, hosted in pubs and clubs.

Class 4 Venues
Class 4 Venues

‘Sinking Lid’ Policy.

The Auckland City Council is considering a ‘sinking lid’ policy for pokie machines. Meaning that the council will act upon their responsibility to reduce harm from gambling. Doing so by restricting the openings of new pokies venues over time, as well as the replacement of any closed down pokies venues. With this policy in place, the number of pokies in Auckland will reduce.


Auckland hosts 4,183 pokie machines across 305 different venues throughout the city. Problem gambling figures suggest that 40 percent of the money ‘lost’, comes from problem gamblers. Designed to be both costly and addictive, pokies machines are the most harmful mode of gambling. Social Gambling is causing an enormous amount of social harm. For every problem gambler, there are approximately 9-12 people who it is adversely affecting. These people are mainly children.

so, all-in-all the objectives are;

Auckland City Council
Auckland City Council

You may be happy to hear that the council does not have any control over gambling at the Sky City Casino. As government legislation regulates this. In return for a national convention centre, the Government is unashamedly considering changing the law in order to allow hundreds of more pokie machines at Sky City. There is evidence that this will increase problem gambling. As well as Reduce the amount of money returned to the local community by gaming machines.

National Convention Centre

In exchange for a 3500-seat,$402 million National Convention Centre, the government is allowing Sky City 230 more pokie machines, 40 more gaming tables, new cashless gambling technology and a 35-year extension to their gambling license to play Auckland City pokies. Talks are “commercially sensitive” but the center will be a major asset for the country. Employing 1000 people to build and a further 800 to run, the center will also provide a $90m boost to the economy.

National Convention Centre
Hobson Street view of the redesigned SkyCity International Convention Centre.

Auckland pokies near airport -Auckland City Pokies

1. Mangere Cosmopolitan Club

Mangere Cosmopolitan Club
Mangere Cosmopolitan Club

Mangere Cosmopolitan (Cossie) Club is a well-known venue in the Mangere area for those who love the entertainment, drinks, pokies gaming and dining it provides. Established in the year 1976, it is one of the most popular clubs in the area. This club is just a 6 minutes / 5 km drive north from the Auckland Airport.

The club timings start 11 am to 9 pm on Monday, 11 am to 11 pm from Tuesday to Wednesday, from 11 am to midnight on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 11 am to 9 pm on Sunday.

The club is a member of Clubs New Zealand, and you can enjoy the facilities of other affiliated clubs.

Entertainment Options

You can play nearly any of the 18 pokies machines in the awesome gaming lounge. To allow customers to place their bets on horse, greyhound racing and most sports matches whenever they wish, the club has a self-service TAB pod for a few wagers.

Pokies Machine Gaming & TAB Gaming @ Mangere Cossie Club

This club has a great poker machine gaming to play Auckland City pokies. With 18 of the latest pokies from Aristocrat and a TAB area to place a few wagers on the horses, dogs or sports.

It is a popular venue in Mangere, Manukau near the Auckland Airport to play the pokies, dine, have a drink and watch sports.

Opening Hours

Mon–Sun: 11am Till Late

2. Airport Garden Inn

Airport Garden Inn
Airport Garden Inn

This combines a hotel with a conference center, pokies gaming lounge, bar, and restaurant. Located at 12, Tidal Road in the Mangere area of Auckland, it is about 6 minutes drive from both the domestic and international terminals of the Auckland airport.

About Airport Garden Inn

The hotel has a pokies gaming lounge with poker machines featured for playing all your favourite games where you can play Auckland City pokies. The hotel can be accessed by those with a wheelchair. The hotel has a provision for stroller parking for families with small children.

You can book the rooms in the hotel online from the hotel website and other websites.

Pokies Machine Gaming

The Airport Garden Inn has an amazing gaming area with 18 of the latest and greatest pokies machines from Aristocrat and a TAB area.

West Auckland Pokies

1. Mangere Bridge Tavern

Mangere Bridge Tavern
Mangere Bridge Tavern

It is one of the most known pubs near the Auckland Airport with pokies gaming, sports watching, entertainment, a bar and great eats available. Located just a 10-minute drive north from the Auckland Airport, so if you going to or from the airport make sure you pay a visit to this cracker tavern along the way.

Operating since the year 1968 and locals in the Mangere called the pub “The Lazy Lion” since it was the flagship bar for the Auckland-based Lion Breweries.

About the Mangere Bridge Tavern

In the 1980s the pub was owned by a Maori former player of the New Zealand national rugby team the All Blacks Pat Walsh. He was joined by his son Mark Walsh, in running the pub.

It is located at 123, Coronation Road in the Mangere area of Auckland. Hocken place is a popular landmark, and it a few minute’s drive from Auckland Airport. The pub opens at 9 am from Monday to Saturday, though it closes early at 9 pm on Monday, 10 pm on Tuesday, 11 pm on Wednesday and late on Thursday, Friday, Saturday. On Sunday the pub opens at 10 am and closes at 9 pm.

Entertainment & Happenings

You can play pool at the pool table and throw darts at the dart board. The weekly Karaoke night is popular among customers, where you get an opportunity to sing and listen to other singers perform.

A Flip the joker draw is held on every Thursday, all those who purchase products from the bar after 5 pm, can participate in the draw between 8 pm and 10 pm.

Pokies Machine Gaming

The Mangere Bridge Tavern has an exclusive gaming area with 18 of the latest pokies from Aristocrat and a TAB area to place a few winning bets. This is a top spot to visit before or after your visit to the Auckland Airport and enjoy Auckland City pokies.

East Auckland Pokies

1. Pacific Bar and Restaurant

Pacific Bar and Restaurant
Pacific Bar and Restaurant

This bar is situated at 12 Tidal center along the Tidal road in the Mangere area of Auckland in New Zealand. Many people who are looking to eating out are looking for a restaurant which will offer a buffet meal. As they can eat as much as they wish while paying a fixed amount at the same time can enjoy Auckland City pokies..

About the Pacific Bar and Restaurant 

It has a pool table, and visitors to the bar can enjoy a game of pool with their friends.

Great Pokies Gaming Near the Auckland Airport

You will find 18 exciting Auckland City pokies from Aristocrat and IGT are available to play here, it’s a great gaming lounge in Mangere. Located just about 8-minute drive to/from the Auckland Airport so if you check-in at the Auckland Airport you can easily get back here for some pokies entertainment before you board your flight.

2. Auckland Local Pokies Gaming Bars, Clubs & Venues

Auckland Local Pokies Gaming Bars
Auckland Local Pokies Gaming Bars

Orakei RSA is a servicemen association in the Eastern Suburbs of Auckland, it has some awesome pokies gaming options for you to play. It caters to current and retired members of the armed forces, and their family members.

The RSA is situated at 78, Kepa Road, Orakei in New Zealand. Kepa Bush Reserve, New World Eastridge, Eastridge Shopping Centre, Orakei Community Centre, Presbyterian Church, Okahu Bay Bowling Club, Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium are some of the local landmarks in the area near this RSA.

Menu and Eats of Note Orakei RSA Club

You can enjoy delicious and affordable food at the bistro of the club. The bistro is only open from Tuesday to Saturday every week, and it serves lunch and dinner.

The menu includes special treats, fast food items, steak and fish. There is a daily special dish on offer at great rates.

Pokies and TAB Gaming at Orakei RSA Club

It has 10 poker machines games for customers, it’s a very popular pokies gaming venue for some TAB bets and entertainment in the Mission Bay, Auckland area.