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Android Auto Apps

Android Auto Apps

Android Auto is an intelligent and efficient driving companion. The App is designed to make using your phone on the road a whole lot easier and safer. It features a simplified user interface, large buttons, and powerful voice actions.

By simply saying “Ok Google” you can;

  • Use Google Maps to navigate to your destination, using real-time GPS navigation and traffic alerts.
  • Recieve calls with just a tap, and place calls using Google Assistant.
  • Listen to many of your favorite media apps such as Spotify, Pandora, Audible and Deezer.
  • Send and receive messages via multiple messaging apps, using your Google assistant.

Android Auto is your smart driving companion. With a simplified interface, large buttons, and powerful voice actions, Android Auto is designed to make it easier to use apps from your phone while you’re on the road.
Activate the app by saying “Ok Google.”

Using Android Auto is simple. All you need is an Android 5.0 or higher, and an active data connection. Head over to your Google Play Store and download the latest version of Android Auto.

To discover whether your car’s display is compatible and how to enable it, you can check your owners manual or contact the manufacturer of the car. Over 400 different car models now support Android Auto. Once you have enabled it, a high-quality USB cable should be used t connect your phone to your car. You then need to launch the app, and you’re all set.

Top Apps 2018

Music Apps

Listening to some good music can make many situations so much better. Including driving around and being stuck in traffic. The top three Android Auto music apps of 2018 are;

  • Pandora:

The service that originally popularized internet radio. Just create an account and sign in. Use the sidebar on the left to pick your favorite stations. It will then continually play music.

The Thumbs Up/Down buttons can be used to influence the stations’ song choices.There are also Stop and Repeat buttons. Pandora has a very simple user interface and is fantastic for when you want to play some music and hit the road.

Download: Pandora (Free)


  • Spotify:

The biggest music streaming service and easily one of the most popular music streaming apps of all time. Spotify lets you play all the music you love, in the comfort of your own car. Access your library using the panel on the left. You can view recent items, albums, playlists and more. To avoid fumbling around with your phone while driving, you can create different playlists to suit all your music tastes.

Acess all the extra controls by tapping the arrow. Extra controls allow you to add the current song to your library, start radio for the track and view the queue. Unless you have purchased the `premium Access version of the Spotify App, you will only be able to use the shuffle mode.

Download: Spotify (Free)


  • Google Play Music:

With Google Play Music you are able to listen to ad-supported radio stations for free, various podcasts as well as upload 50,000 of your own tracks to listen to on the road. If you subscribe you will also have access to YouTube Red, which will allow you to use the YouTube Music app, ad-free.


 Google play music is great for mainstream music, while Youtube music may be better if you wish to listen to remixes and niche music you have found on YouTube.
Download: Google Play Music (Free)

 Messaging Apps


We all know that texting while driving is a HUGE “no-no”, but with the Android Auto App, some basic features for certain messaging apps can be used. You may be able to send new messages, listen to incoming ones and send automated replies.

  • Facebook Messenger:

If your daily means of communication is via Facebook Messenger then you will be happy to know that it now works in your car too. Once you see a notification for a new message, you can tap the ‘play’ button, and it will be read out loud for you to hear. You can auto-respond and let your friends know you are driving, by tapping on the “I’m driving right now” option.

Download: Facebook Messenger (free)

  • Whatsapp Messenger:

It may not come as a shock to hear that the incredibly popular WhatsApp messenger is compatible with the Android Auto App app. Its features are highly similar to other messaging apps. To start a new message, simply say “Send a message to ‘Jim’ on WhatsApp”. You can also listen to messages out loud and respond using your voice.

Download: WhatsApp Messenger (Free)

Navigation Apps

Trying to navigate your way on a digital map is highly dangerous when you are focused on driving at the same time. Android Auto Apps and voice over systems have made it so much easier to figure out how to arrive at your destination safely.

  • Google Maps

Its highly likely that the Google Maps app is already installed on your phone, but it is still worthy of a mention as one of the best Android Auto Apps. Open up the Map on your Android Auto App by tapping on the Navigation icon. Set your destination before leaving on your journey, or use your voice to confirm the destination once you need the extra guidance.

The Android Auto version of Google Maps uses a friendlier interface and is easier to navigate, as there is not a lot of clutter getting in the way.


Download: Google Maps (Free)