8 Most Popular Pokies in Christchurch City – Pokies in Christchurch Near Me

Pokies in Christchurch City - Pokies in Christchurch Near Me
Pokies in Christchurch City – Pokies in Christchurch Near Me

Christchurch City is a premiere entertainment destination in New Zealand. With an array of gaming options, eateries and bars, and live entertainment, there’s something for everyone at the casino.

Here, you will find many pokies that you can find easily when you search for pokies near me that are now open.

NameAddressPhoneWebsiteFacebook Page
Christchurch Casino30 Victoria Street, Christchurch+64 3 365 9999WebsiteFacebook
The Final Whistle Sports Bar87 Riccarton Road, Riccarton, Christchurch+64 3 343 0567WebsiteFacebook
Robbie’s Bar Riccarton87 Riccarton Road, Christchurch+64 3-343 0567WebsiteFacebook
Embankment Tavern181 Ferry Road, Phillipstown, Christchurch+64 3 379 3760Facebook
Celtic Arms Inn Spreydon308 Selwyn Street, Spreydon, Christchurch+64 3 982 1811WebsiteFacebook
The Highway Inn527 Sawyers Arms Road, Harewood, Christchurch+64 3 359 6507WebsiteFacebook
Horse & Jockey8 Yaldhurst Road, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch+64 3 260 0698WebsiteFacebook
Islington Tavern670 Main South Road, Islington, Christchurch+64 3 349 7337WebsiteFacebook
Most Popular Pokies Venues In Christchurch City

1. The Christchurch Casino

Christchurch Casino
Chch Casino
  • Over 450 gaming machines and 32 table games (including blackjack, roulette, and poker).
  • It features three restaurants, two bars, live music, and special events, creating a vibrant nightlife experience.
  • Three dining options: The Café, Skylark Bar & Lounge, and Monza Sports Bar.
  • Regular live music and events, such as poker tournaments and themed nights.
  • Club Aspinall loyalty program offers exclusive benefits to members.

Christchurch Casino opened in 1994 and is a prominent gaming and entertainment venue in Christchurch, New Zealand.

With over 450 gaming machines and 32 table games, it offers a variety of gambling experiences. Its poker room regularly hosts tournaments and cash games.

Additionally, Christchurch Casino is home to three restaurants and two bars, providing a range of dining and socializing options.

It also hosts regular live music and special events, making it a vibrant nightlife hub.

Notably, it operates a Club Aspinall loyalty program, which provides exclusive benefits to frequent visitors.

As a significant contributor to local tourism, the casino is a prominent fixture in Christchurch’s leisure and entertainment scene.

2. The Final Whistle Sports Bar Christchurch

The Final Whistle Sports Bar Christchurch
The Final Whistle Sports Bar Christchurch (Chch)
  • A popular sports bar with a pokies gaming lounge and pool tables.
  • Conveniently located at 87 Riccarton Road, it is easily accessible.
  • Offers extended hours, opening early at 9 a.m. and closing at 11 p.m., catering to both daytime and evening entertainment.

This popular sports bar also has a pokies gaming lounge and pool tables. This bar is located at 77 Stevens Street in the Waltham area of Christchurch, New Zealand.

The roads in the region are Nursery Road, Ferry Road, Leyden Street, Frederick Street, Greenville Street, Leeds Street, and Phillips Street.

You can park your vehicle in the parking lot or use the street parking space. The bar opens early at 9 a.m. and closes at 11 p.m. on all days of the week.

3. Robbie’s Bar Riccarton

Robbie’s Bar Riccarton Guide
Robbie’s Bar Riccarton
  • It boasts 21 television screens, which is ideal for sports enthusiasts to watch various sports matches.
  • Features 18 poker gaming machines, allowing patrons to enjoy pokies gaming.
  • Offers a versatile venue for both sports and gaming entertainment.

It is one of Christchurch’s most popular sports bars, and it has a pokies gaming lounge. It is a FAB function venue.

It is located at 87 Riccarton Road in the Riccarton area of Christchurch. Titoki street, Kilmarnock street, Rata street etc.

Some local landmarks near Robbie’s are Fox & Ferret, Velvet Burger, Joyful Restaurant, and Saigon Star.

This sports bar has 21 television screens, so customers can watch whichever sports they want.

There are also 18 poker gaming machines installed at the bar for those who enjoy playing poker machines from the likes of Aristocrat. You can also enjoy live music on select days.

You can pay for things using Alipay, most credit cards, and good old Kiwi cash.

4. Embankment Tavern Christchurch

Embankment Tavern Christchurch Guide
Embankment Tavern Christchurch
  • A popular pub and local hangout offering pokies machines, TAB bets, live entertainment, and sports viewing.
  • It is located at 181 Ferry Road, making it easily accessible with nearby landmarks.
  • Provides a well-rounded experience for those seeking a relaxed pub atmosphere.

It is a popular pub and local hangout in pokies machines Christchurch for some gaming time and a few drinks, TAB bets, live entertainment, and watching sports to make your day.

You will find the pub at 181 Ferry Road in the Philipstown area of Christchurch.

Many famous roads are nearby, like Moorhouse Avenue, Nursery Road, Matheson Road, Aldwin’s Road, Tuam Street, Saint Asaph Street, Leeds Street, Bordersley Street, Ryan Street, Stevens Street, Carlyle Street, and Cass Street.

5. Celtic Arms Inn Spreydon, Christchurch

Celtic Arms Inn Spreydon, Christchurch Guide
Celtic Arms Inn Spreydon, Christchurch
  • It is a sports-focused venue with pokies gaming, making it a go-to spot for sports lovers.
  • It is located at 308 Selwyn Street, Spreydon, ensuring accessibility for the local community.
  • It features a jukebox and hosts karaoke nights, enhancing the entertainment offerings.

This Inn is your go-to venue in Christchurch for sports watching, drinks, eats, and some pokies gaming excitement.

It is located at 308 Selwyn Street in the Spreydon area of Christchurch, New Zealand.

Some of the roads in the vicinity are Brougham Street, Ward Street, Coronation Street, Sydney Street, Milton Street, Burke Street, Ruskin Street, and Redruth.

Since the pub is also a gaming lounge venue, several popular gaming machines have been installed where customers can play pokies in splendid surroundings.

These are popular with punters who may not be interested in watching sports matches.

The pub also has a jukebox; customers can listen to their favourite music. Karaoke night is held at the pub on alternate Fridays and is managed by Mickey Rat, the resident expert.

You can show off your singing skills and listen to other performers at the pub; this event is quite popular among customers.

6. The Highway Inn Christchurch

The Highway Inn Christchurch Guide
The Highway Inn Christchurch
  • A 3-star truck stop budget hotel with pokies gaming and a bar.
  • Located just a 4-minute drive from Christchurch Airport, it offers convenience to travellers.
  • Hosts poker games and meat raffles on select nights for added fun.

This 3-star truck stop budget hotel with basic rooms, a bar, and pokies gaming is just a 4-minute drive from Christchurch Airport.

Their venue is open from 5 a.m. until late Monday through Friday. It features gaming machines, a pool table, a jukebox, and a large plasma TV for entertainment.

Visitors can enjoy the same amenities in a relaxed setting from 7.30 a.m. until late on Saturday and Sunday.

It offers good local access to exciting places in the nearby area.

Some local landmarks are Highway 1, Sawyers Arms Reserve, Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, North-South Holiday Park, and the Action Kart Raceway.

You can play cards here at 7 p.m. and offer a poker night. With a handful of fun games to be played, you are sure to have a good time on Thursday’s game night.

Fridays at the Highway Inn, hold another meat raffle in case you missed the first one or want to try winning some meat.

7. Horse & Jockey Christchurch

Horse & Jockey Christchurch Guide
Horse & Jockey Christchurch
  • It opened in 2017 and quickly gained popularity among racing fans.
  • It offers 18 poker machines, including popular Aristocrat pokies and the latest Lightning Link games.
  • A must-visit spot for pokies enthusiasts in the Upper Riccarton area.
  • Society name – Pub Charity Limited
  • Venue name – Horse & Jockey
  • Number of Gaming Machines – 18

It opened in 2017 and has become popular among racing fans due to its facilities.

The sports bar also has pokie machines at 8 Yaldhurst Road in the Upper Riccarton of Christchurch, New Zealand.

Villa Maria College, Lone Star Cafe & Bar Riccarton, Ilam Gardens, New World Supermarket Ilam, Bush Inn Center, and BurgerFuel are some of the landmarks in the local area.

The Horse & Jockey Christchurch has 18 amazing poker machine games for customers; it’s a must-visit local New Zealand pokies gaming and TAB lounge venue for some excitement in the Upper Riccarton, Christchurch area.

You can play all the popular Aristocrat pokie machines, and they have all the latest Lightning Link pokies games to crack on.

8. Islington Tavern Christchurch

Islington Tavern Christchurch Guide
Islington Tavern Christchurch
  • Known as “the Swamp,” it’s a popular local hangout offering drinks, sports viewing, and partying.
  • I could not find any pokies here.
  • A relaxed setting for patrons to enjoy various forms of entertainment.

This, also known as the Swamp, is a popular local hangout in Christchurch for drinks, sports watching, or some pokies.

It is situated at 670 Main South Road in the Islington area of Christchurch.

The Alpine View Holiday Park is a significant landmark in the area. Waterloo Road and Bicknor Street are the roads near the pub.

The Islington Tavern in Christchurch currently has does not have pokies.

Reducing the number of pokies was part of a broader government initiative to reduce gambling harm in New Zealand.

It is a go-to local New Zealand pokies gaming and TAB lounge area for excitement in the Islington, Christchurch area.


Are all these venues licensed and regulated for gaming in New Zealand?

Yes, all the venues on your list are licensed and regulated for gaming in New Zealand.

Are there age restrictions for playing pokies at these venues?

Yes, there are age restrictions for playing pokies at all venues. The minimum age to play pokies is 20.

Do any of these venues offer live entertainment or sports viewing?

Yes, all of the venues offer live entertainment or sports viewing.

Do these venues have accessible facilities for disabled guests?

Christchurch Casino has accessible facilities for disabled guests, including wheelchair access and restrooms. The Final Whistle Sports Bar also has accessible parking, ramps, and a lift to the main bar area.

Can these venues accommodate large groups or parties?

The Christchurch Casino is a large venue, and the Embankment Tavern Christchurch and Horse & Jockey Christchurch are large pubs.

Are there any membership or loyalty programs available at these venues?

The Christchurch Casino operates the Club Aspinall loyalty program, where members can earn points when they dine, drink, and play at the casino, which can be redeemed for various benefits and rewards.

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