7 Things You Must do in Wellington NZ

7 Things you must do in Wellington
7 Things You Must Do in Wellington

Full of life and offering more things to do than you have time for! I am talking about Welly, which is also a perfect city for tourists.

Due to its easy accessibility, Wellington is a more popular destination. You can enjoy and roam around this place on foot walk around the city and embrace its positive vibe! Moreover, enjoying Welly is cheap.

1. Rimutaka Cycle Trail

Remutaka Cycle Trail
Remutaka Cycle Trail

You should hire a bike for 2-3 days and head to the Remutaka Cycle Trail, starting in Wellington Harbour and completing in the Turakirae Head, home to a family of 500 fur seals! The trail is one way, so be prepared to bike it back or sort out return transportation.

2. Mt. Victoria Lookout

Mt Victoria Lookout
Mt Victoria Lookout

Offering the best point of the city, you can easily climb Mt Victoria and have a 360-degree view of the surroundings. You’ll find a postcard-like picture from this peak that you would love to enjoy. You can walk up to this viewpoint for a bit of a workout.

But if do not have that much time, you can drive to the car park. Either way, you’ll be welcomed with panoramic views of the bay and sea between New Zealand and Antarctica! And on a clear day, you can even see the South Island in the distance.

3. Enjoy a Coffee on Cuba Street

Enjoy A Coffee On Cuba Street
Enjoy A Coffee On Cuba Street

Cuba Street is the most famous street in Wellington that is known for its quirky and featuring boutique cafes, bars, and shops. It is the real depiction of this city. You can select any one of the many coffee shops and sip on it!

It’s the home of the high/low: dine out on delicious $10 dumplings or a divine degustation at renowned restaurant Logan Brown; see the Bucket Fountain and street art or cutting-edge contemporary art at one of the street’s art galleries.

Wellington’s home of the unexpected, the quirky, the alternative, and the fun – there’s always something new to discover on Cuba Street.

4. Watch a Rugby Game

Watch a Rugby Game
Watch a Rugby Game

Westpac Stadium frequently hosts rugby games, where you can watch the local rugby union team, the Wellington Hurricanes. Wellington is also a regular host of the Sevens, a big rugby tournament where fans wear costumes and party well after the end of the game.

The Westpac Stadium boasts a large capacity of 36,000 seats, which can be pushed up to 40,000 when temporary seating provisions are created. This venue was made to replace the former Athletic Park, which was deemed inconsiderate for events of international stature due to its location and plight.

Another purpose of its re-building was to provide a venue big enough to host One Day International matches. The large capacity of the Westpac Stadium makes it an apt location to host the annual “Rock2Wgtn” music festival.

One difficulty that has always plagued this ground is rainfall, which has caused many matches to end in a ‘no result. Situated close to a railway line, this stadium can be used by players as a training venue during the off-season.

The first One Day International was played at this venue between New Zealand and the West Indies in 2000. The two ends of this ground are the Scoreboard End and the City End.

5. Te Papa Museum

Te Papa Museum
Te Papa Museum

The National Museum is free to enter and is one of Wellington’s favourite city attractions! The Te Papa Museum offers in-depth information on Aotearoa/New Zealand, from its geological origin to its native species and human history.

If you’re new to New Zealand, the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa should be at the top of your to-do list. This national museum is a must-visit, with six stories of cutting-edge interactive exhibitions housed in an architectural wonder of a building.

The museum’s full name means ‘container of treasures, ‘ which is the best description for a museum considered the home of New Zealand stories. Over 30 million visitors have come through the door since Te Papa opened in 1998, and once you start wandering between exhibitions, you will understand why this museum is so wildly popular.

Te Papa is so rich in stories that even its staff are constantly learning. For visitors unfamiliar with Māori culture, start with the Mana Whenua exhibition.

You will find that this space is a powerful way to understand New Zealand’s indigenous people, with a blend of artifacts and modern art that explains how our nation’s heritage is so essential to our modern-day culture.

This free-to-enter museum is smack dab in the centre of the downtown wharf area and is well worth a stop when you’re in Wellington.

This museum is most famous for its colossal squid. It also has a Terra Cotta Warrior exhibit, which was not open.

6. Weta Cace and Workshop

Weta Cave And Workshop
Weta Cave And Workshop

Any Lord of the Rings tour in Wellington cannot be complete without including the Weta Workshop Studio, amongst many other Middle Earth locations around the city. You can access the Weta Cave for free, but to get entry into the Workshop Tour, you need to spend NZ$30.

Tucked away in Miramar, a short drive from Wellington’s city centre, Weta Workshop crafts physical effects for some of the world’s most renowned films and TV shows.

The design and manufacturing system combines cutting-edge technology with hand-crafted artistry to produce Oscar-winning props, costumes, and creature effects. The company opens its doors to fans who want to see exactly how the magic is made.

The workshop is popularly known for its Academy Award®-winning work on the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies. You will have seen plenty of movies and shows in which they’ve had a hand. Weta Workshop has a constantly growing list of blockbuster credits, like Blade Runner 2049, Avatar, The Chronicles of Narnia, and more.

All the Workshop’s craftspeople will make your kids jealous, but we reckon Warren Beaton might take the cake. Having previously worked on projects from ads for tinned spaghetti to making eight tonnes of pink goo for The Matrix, he started at Weta Workshop in 1999 with the unusual first-day task of making Uruk-hai birthing sacks.

The team shares the products of their labour on several Weta Workshop tours, ranging from 45-minute experiences to full-day tours for full-on enthusiasts. 

7. Wellington Cable Car

Wellington Cable Car
Wellington Cable Car

This historic cable car with a museum can take you from Lambton Quay to the Kelburn Lookout. Here, you will find one of those photo opportunities you can’t miss in Wellington! Get ready to buy a ticket worth NZ$4!

Initially steam-powered when it started in 1902, the two red cable cars have trundled up and down the hill, through three tunnels and over three bridges, multiple times every day since, stopping once for an upgrade break.

While it may be one of the more interesting ways to get to work for many, there’s art, too. Look for the Rainbow Mural by Gina Kiel at the Lambton Quay terminal, the Cable Car Transition Mural at Clifton Station, and the LED light installations by Angus Muir throughout the two tunnels.

Above all, you’ll find one of the more iconic views overlooking Wellington. If you time it right, you can have your blue-skied panorama of the city with the red cable car sitting front and centre. 


Wellington, or “Welly,” is a vibrant city offering many activities for visitors. There’s something for everyone, from the adventurous Rimutaka Cycle Trail to the breathtaking Mt. Victoria Lookout. Indulge in the city’s unique vibe on Cuba Street, known for its quirky cafes and shops.

Catching a rugby game at Westpac Stadium is a must for sports enthusiasts. Explore New Zealand’s rich history at the Te Papa Museum, which is a captivating experience. Don’t miss the Weta Cave and Workshop for a glimpse behind the scenes of iconic films.

Finally, ride the historic Wellington Cable Car for panoramic views. Wellington truly encapsulates the essence of New Zealand’s beauty and culture.


Are there cultural attractions in Wellington?

Absolutely! Explore the Te Papa Museum for a deep dive into New Zealand’s history and culture. Don’t miss Cuba Street for its vibrant arts scene and quirky boutiques.

How can I experience the magic of filmmaking in Wellington?

Visit the Weta Cave and Workshop, known for its work on blockbuster films like Lord of the Rings. Take a tour to witness movie-making magic.

Where can I catch a rugby game in Wellington?

Head to Westpac Stadium to witness rugby matches, especially if the Wellington Hurricanes or Sevens tournament is happening.

Is Wellington an affordable destination for tourists?

Yes, Wellington is known for its accessibility on foot, and many attractions, like the Te Papa Museum, offer free entry. Enjoying the city can be budget-friendly.

What’s the significance of Cuba Street?

Cuba Street is a bustling hub known for its eclectic cafes, bars, and shops. It encapsulates Wellington’s unique character and is a great place to experience local culture.

How can I reach the Kelburn Lookout?

Take the historic Wellington Cable Car from Lambton Quay to reach the Kelburn Lookout, offering panoramic city views.

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