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6 Basic Poker Tips You Might Not Find Elsewhere

6 Basic Poker Tips You Might Not Find Elsewhere

6 Basic Poker Tips You Might Not Find Elsewhere

You might have read many poker tips by several writers, some of these are nice, but not all. To start with, let’s have an insight into 6 poker tips that you might not hear of earlier.

1- Discipline and Self-Control are Winning Factors

If you cannot control and discipline yourself, you will lose all your money in a few minutes that might last for the entire day otherwise. Self-discipline and self-control are imperative for winning at poker. And a lack of these qualities may land you in big trouble and you will lose much more than you might expect and much faster.

2- Right Bankroll Management

It’s fine if you get into a big game with the minimum buy-in and take a shot. Even if you play well but if you cannot manage your bankroll efficiently, you may go broke. Having a well-replenished bankroll enables you to bear the inevitable losses due to bad luck long enough for your superior skills to find an edge.

Better not to use more than 5% of your total bankroll, regardless of whether you are playing at the no limit tables or in a sit and go tournament. You should be even stricter with multi-table tournaments. Use only 2% of your bankroll for those.

3- Poker Tells Aren’t All You Need to Focus

Most players have tells, but the opponents’ hands are more vocal. All these tells can only help you if you are already a solid player. If you don’t have a good understanding of the position, and lots of self-control, you still can go broke even if you can read people well. In fact, poker is a game of math. If you can sway it in your favor, having a vague idea of whether a player is bluffing or not doesn’t matter at all.

4- Bluffing Is a Poker Skill but not Really That Important to Profitable Play

In reality, bluffing is only likely to work when you have few opponents. It is better to have a semi-bluff. In this approach, you bet or raise aggressively even though you don’t have the best hand. But you still can improve it. If you’re playing with passive players in low-stakes games, it’s great to just not bluff at all. But still, if you try to bluff, you should try semi-bluffing, as it has a chance of drawing out on your opponent.

5- Learn to Love Bad Beats

If your opponents had no opportunity of winning, why would they ever play poker? They will never lose money with a bad hand as if they know they would never play a bad hand.

This is the core of poker – you must learn to love bad beats. Of course, in the short-run, it will frustrate you as you lose a little money. But in the long run, you will be able to play profitable poker. If your opponents played only good hands, you will not be able to win.

6- Play Free Poker for a Short While

Most “free” poker games never pay any money at all. As it is free and you do not risk any money, and when no money is being risked, players make all kinds of crazy and stupid moves. The strategy that you develop for free poker may not work for real money games and you need to do some kind of adjustments. Freerolls have money on the line. You are not going to lose any money because a freeroll doesn’t have an entry fee. But still, there are chances of winning something.


Poker is a simpler and more complicated game than we all think. Majority of players are in a hurry to master advanced skills like reading tells and pulling off bluffs without even mastering the basics of the game. You must pay attention to the basic rules that include tight-aggressive play, pot odds, hand selection, bankroll management etc. So friends, do not try to play high roller stakes without mastering the basics, it could be fatal.