5 Ways to Cut Distractions When Playing Poker Online

Online poker is a great way for you to make some real and serious cash from all over the world without going out of your home. But being at home you might face a lot of distractions as well. Here are the 5 ways to cut distractions when playing poker online.

In case you are a casual player, this problem may not be that serious but if you take the game seriously or have aspirations to rise through the ranks, you need to ensure you’re able to handle distractions properly. Let’s find some effective and tested 5 ways to cut distractions when playing poker online.

Why Cut Distractions?

Before getting into how to cut distractions, we need to make sure that you understand why cutting distractions is so important. In fact, the game of poker used to be quite easy. If you had a pulse and browsed a few poker books, you could crush the online scene.

While the game is still pretty easy, it’s definitely not as simple as it used to be. With training sites and other teaching aids available, there are many players who are much better at the game now than they used to be. This says that you need to be looking for any minor edge you can, and you need to be on top of your game.

If you’re distracted and cannot pay attention to your game or games, you’re going to miss things. You’re going to make mistakes and miss seeing critical hands that might give you information on how your opponents play. Even if you’re playing with a heads-up display (HUD), you’re still not going to be playing optimally.

This is especially true when you have money on the line and you are trying to win to put food on the table for yourself and your family or if you don’t have a family, at least trying to put bottles of drinks on the table at the club.

For those of you who are purely recreational players, this probably is not that important. But, if you take the game seriously or have aspirations to rise to the top, you need to make sure that you’re handling distractions properly. If that’s what you have been looking for, let’s get into the top 5 ways to cut distractions when playing poker online.

5 Ways To Cut Distractions When Playing Poker Online

1. Invest to concentrate

Invest to Concentrate -5 ways to cut distractions when playing poker online.
Invest to Concentrate

Sometimes you need to pay a little money to make more money. For instance, you may order food online instead of spending the time to prepare or get it from outside yourself.

If you are seriously considering changing playing, it is worth investing a little money into giving yourself some more time. If your kids are running around and distracting better to hire a babysitter at home. This is one of the 5 ways to cut distractions when playing poker online.

You would be able to put extra focus on your game without having to worry about managing the kids. You may hire a personal assistant for your household and other small tasks while concentrating on your game.

3. Stay away from offline or online distractions

Stay Away from Offline or Online Distractions
Stay Away from Offline or Online Distractions

The internet can be often a detriment to the success of your poker game if you allow it. Here your self-discipline will work to maintain your focus on your work rather than getting distracted by off or online stuff.

This is one of the 5 ways to cut distractions when playing poker online. Just get out of all your Reddit browsing, social media searching, and silly research out there.

Your emails, pokers, social media accounts, and news could be vital distractors. Shut everything off. Don’t even leave the browser open in the background. If you’re playing for a living or to make money you have to sacrifice a little bit to get there.

The worst part about all of this is that you don’t think surfing the web is distracting you that much. You’re making your moves in time, you’re following your stats tracker, and you’re at the same time watching some hands that you’re not in. Not only that, focusing more will help you to have a better grasp of the game flow.

You would better know when it was the right time to switch gears and what moves you could or could not get away with. So, follow this tip of 5 ways to cut distractions when playing poker online.

3. Schedule your breaks

Schedule your Breaks
Schedule your Breaks

It is always recommended to plan your breaks and meals in advance before you start playing. Better have a meal prepared prior to the start of your gaming session. This is one of the 5 ways to cut distractions when playing poker online.

Just warm it in the microwave on a break and then enjoy it without putting in much effort. Cold foods that don’t require heating like sandwiches are also a great play.

This will save you from neglecting your food and your game so better to pre-order your food in case you want to skip preparing it at home so that you get the prepaid food on time. One of the 5 Ways to Cut Distractions When Playing Poker Online will keep you hydrated and happy while playing.

4. Switch off your phone

 Switch Off your Phone
Switch Off your Phone

The major distraction culprit is your phone. You often test, take calls, and play games on your phone which takes you away from what you should have been focusing on– your poker game.

This is one of the 5 ways to cut distractions when playing poker online. It may often get information about something bad that you should not focus on at that time thus ruining all your focus.

Better to put your phone in sleep/silent mode. I am not referring to vibrate; I am referring to the little moon picture if you have an iPhone where you don’t hear any of your calls or texts. You can check your phone on breaks if you want to or if you really want to be a rockstar wait for the game to complete.

5. Let people know you’re playing

Let People Know you're Playing
Let People Know you’re Playing

This is the best way to get people not to ping you or distract you by letting them know you are doing something that needs focus.

This is yet another way among 5 ways to cut distractions when playing poker online. Just let the few core people that might also be in the house or that usually call you must know that you’re going to be busy playing poker and will not be available. You should consider your poker time as work time if you are doing it to make a profit.

You can regularly give the person your dating tournament and play schedule to let them know when you aren’t going to be available.

That way, if they tried to get mad at you for playing during something important or tried to distract you, you could let them know that you had already informed them you would be working during that time period. It may not always work but often it may.


The core of this blog is that I hope you will be able to concentrate better on your poker game warding off all the above-listed 5 ways to cut distractions when playing poker online and would be able to improve your poker.

Although, there is no secret that being focused on something will help you perform much better at that task. Often players with focus issues struggle and miss things that they aren’t even aware they are losing. Take these tips of 5 ways to cut distractions when playing poker online to heart and make a resolution to grow your game.


How has the landscape of poker changed, making focus more important?

Cutting distractions is crucial to stay focused on the game. Distractions can lead to mistakes, missed opportunities, and suboptimal play, especially when real money is on the line.

How has the landscape of poker changed, making focus more important?

With the availability of training sites and teaching aids, players have become more skilled. To stay competitive, players need to find any edge they can, emphasizing the importance of concentration.

What are the consequences of being distracted during a poker game?

Distractions can lead to missed hands, mistakes, and suboptimal decision-making. In a competitive environment, such lapses can impact overall performance and profitability.

How can investing help in cutting distractions?

Investing in services like a babysitter or a personal assistant can provide more focused playing time by eliminating external distractions, allowing players to concentrate on the game.

Why is staying away from online and offline distractions important?

Online and offline distractions, such as social media, emails, and browsing, divert attention from the game. Eliminating these distractions is essential for optimal performance in poker.

How can scheduling breaks help in cutting distractions?

Planning breaks and meals in advance ensures that players have dedicated time for essential activities, preventing disruptions during gameplay.

Why is switching off the phone recommended during poker sessions?

Phones are major sources of distraction. Turning off the phone or enabling silent mode helps players stay focused without interruptions from calls, texts, or other apps.

How can letting people know about your poker schedule help in cutting distractions?

Informing others about your poker schedule sets expectations and reduces the likelihood of interruptions, creating a focused environment for optimal gameplay.

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