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5 Tips to Play Poker for a Living

Are you a poke freak and want to play poker for a living? If other people doing it, why cannot you? There is all possible opportunity to play poker for a living.

Here are seven steps you need to use if you want to play poker for a living. You need to learn how to play poker well enough to be profitable, but almost anyone can do this if they do enough research and use the tools available to them.

Although it is not easy to be a professional poker player, it can be done if you’re passionate about doing it.

  1. Consider how much you need to Earn
Consider how much you need to Earn

Consider how much you need to Earn

The first thing you need to determine how much you need to make playing poker. Is your current job offer paid time off, health insurance, and retirement benefits? Fewer jobs offer these benefits, but many still do.

You need to make sufficient money playing poker to cover your current bills, support your current lifestyle, and have some saving to invest for your retirement.

Don’t think you’re just going to play poker until you die. You might not be physically and mentally fit to play at a winning level in your twilight years. Moreover, the game also changes over the years, and sometimes players can’t keep up with new strategies and younger players.

  1. Pick a Specialization
Pick a Specialization

Pick a Specialization

You should specialize in the game that you play best and should stick to one format. You have to decide if you want to play cash games, small tournaments like single table ones, or big tournaments.

If you’re a beginning player who’s still learning how to be a consistent winner, it is good to focus on limit play.

Better to start at the cash tables. Not because cash games are necessarily more profitable than tournaments but because your profit will be more consistent in cash games. You might play several tournaments before making a profit, and this can be hard on your bankroll and

  1. Maintain a Bankroll
Maintain a Bankroll

Maintain a Bankroll

You must set aside your poker bankroll when you start playing poker for a living. This will become easier to track your progress. It will also help you identify the problem areas and help you see if you leak your game that you need to identify and fix.

To manage your bankroll, pick a day and withdraw this amount every week on that day, just like a salary. Leave the rest money in your bankroll, and evaluate where you’re at regularly.

In case you’re unable to win more than your goal, this system builds your bankroll with the extra money.

With the growing bankroll, you might be able to play at a higher level. But be consistent in moving up. Don’t go too fast.

  1. Identify Profitable Opportunities
Identify Profitable Opportunities

Identify Profitable Opportunities

When you walk into the poker room, watch the players at the tables below and above you normal game. Watch out if you can find a table that’s more profitable than your normal game. For this, you have to learn about the other players and what kind of things to look for.

  1. Invest Time
Invest Time

Invest Time

If you want to be the best player there’s no substitute for putting in time playing. Study, read, and learn as much as possible, but some things only improve without practice and play.

If you want to play poker for a living, better to play on a part-time basis for as long as you can. Keep a watch on all your play and results, and continuously work on improving your game. The more you play, the better you become.


These are the top consideration if you want to play poker for a living you can get started today by following these steps. The most important step is making sure you have a large and sufficient bankroll to safely start.

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