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5 Things to Learn from Dogs about Gambling

5 Things to Learn from Dogs about Gambling

Do you know you can learn from dogs so many things about gambling? You’d better know this fact if you are a dog person.

There are five things that dogs can teach you about gambling! Dogs have a great deal to teach us about life as a whole.

  1. Loyalty


We all know, dogs are extremely loyal animals. If you care for them they’ll be loyal to you until death. The relationship between a dog and the person is the strongest in the world which becomes stronger when you raise a dog from a pup.

Similarly in gambling, you have to be loyal to a specific gambling activity and stay loyal to it at least until you master it.

If you want to be a better gambler, make out your mind what activity you’re going to concentrate on. Make out which gambling activity is your favorite and/or which one gives you the best chance to win. Now, select a gambling activity and spend all of your gambling time improving your skills at this activity. Be loyal to it just like a dog.

2. Take Rest

Take Rest

Take Rest

If you’ve watched dogs closely, you probably know how much they sleep. Even if they are not sleeping, they spend a lot of time resting.

You should learn this habit and ensure you have enough sleep. Sound sleep and rest gives your body and mind a chance to heal and get rejuvenated.

This helps in improve your gambling results by making make good decisions and think about things.

Being a poker player, you need to make hundreds of decisions in an hour at the table where a single mistake can cost you hundreds or more.

You don’t have to be asleep to rest. You can take time during the day to relax. For this, you can meditate, sit on a park bench for some time, take a stroll and enjoy nature and much more.

3. Exhilarate



Dog gets excited to see you back home. Following this behavior, try to put yourself back in the moment that excites you and think about how you felt.

It will surely turn out better than most things that you do that you aren’t excited about? Being excited about something makes you do it better than something you hate or avoid doing.

Get excited about your area of interest in your gambling! When you’re loyal to a gambling activity and also excited about it, you’re going to do it better.

4. Plan Schedule

plan schedule

plan schedule

Dogs tend to have a regular schedule. Although they can’t track time like we do, but try feeding them late for some days. They will know when it’s time to eat, and if you’re late they will let you know.

To better your gambling skills, be like a dog and work on a regular schedule. Make out what is what’s important, and ensure you do it every day on time. Spare time to get excited and study about the gambling activity that you’ve decided to be loyal to.

But keep some downtime too. Remember rest is important, so make sure you schedule a time for rest and also for unimportant tasks every day.

5. Keep things Simple

Keep things Simple

Keep things Simple

Humans tend to overcomplicate things. We waste more time and energy on unnecessary things.

Whereas, dogs are good at keeping things simple. They eat, spend time with people who take care of them, and rest and sleep.

We can learn from a dog’s life. Start analyzing everything that happens in your life. Then start removing off the things that are more complicated than they need to be.

Start reducing the number of complicated things in your life and start replacing them with simple things.

This works for gambling also. You can make a simple plan to learn poker or blackjack. Keep the first day to learn about the rules of blackjack and how to play.

In the second week, you learn about the best strategy to use when you play. The third week you continue playing online and visit a local casino to play. Next week you can read a book about counting cards and develop a daily plan for the next month to build your card counting skills.

This strategy is helpful in any area of your life to improve anything important to you.


To be a better gambler, take a few lessons from dogs. Be loyal, get enough sleep, develop excitement, create a schedule, and keep things simple.