4 Reasons To Make Your Sports Bets Public

5 Reasons to make your Sports Bets Public
Why You Should Make Your Sports Bets Public

Being loud about your sports bets is often helpful. There are several benefits of blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking, and being vocal about your sports bets. Find the main reasons to make your sports bets public.

1. Things on Record – 4 Reasons To Make Your Sports Bets Public

Things on Record -  4 reasons to make your sports bets public
Things on Record

Making things public enters them into the public record. This is one of the 4 reasons to make your sports bets public. It is tough to get away from them.

It will keep you hooked, and it won’t be easy to overlook a potential nasty whiff on the O/U when the next College Football Playoff rolls around.

2. Bad Habits Under Check

Bad Habits under Check
Bad Habits under Check

Betting could be a lucrative idea. What would happen if all your sports gambling habits were public on a professional level? This is one of the 4 reasons to make your sports bets public.

Although it would put the casinos into the trash heap, it would help you learn not to think like that in the sportsbook.

3. Taking Yourself Seriously

Taking Yourself Seriously
Taking Yourself Seriously

No gambler can take their analysis so seriously that they rule out the chance of learning anything from other sports handicappers.

This is one of the 4 reasons to make your sports bets public. But when you note down your predictions and publish them publicly, you gain a greater appreciation for your ability or lack of ability as gauging winners and losers.

You have to take your lumps when the predictions are wrong. In the future, you’d probably become a sports gambler.

4. The Camera Eye

The Camera Eye
The Camera Eye

Mobile betting is gaining a lot of traction, and hopefully, many gamblers will use a laptop and an old-fashioned browser to place their bets whenever possible. This is one of the 4 reasons to make your sports bets public.

Internet facility makes it easy to juggle several windows while keeping the sportsbook odds on a corner of the screen. You can easily take in an event’s big picture and context before choosing a wager.

You can now know the date, approximate time, circumstances, records, head coaches’ identities, and more after reading a preview before you start playing. This has made things in the record faster. It has made things easier and better for a gambler.

Understand the Terms of Sports Betting

Spin Casino Sports
Understand the terms of Sports betting.

Whether you bet at an online bookie in NZ or choose an online casino like Rich Casino to place your bet, fast talkers throw around words and phrases you’ve never heard before.  Sportsbooks display a myriad of numbers with plus and minus signs galore that can confuse the heck out of people.

This all comes with betting real money. You know you want in but are timid about what this world brings. Apart from knowing 4 reasons to make your sports bets public, here are the terms you should know!

1. Your Favourite

This is your favourite, which can be a team or competitor that oddsmakers expect to win, and it is often displayed with a minus sign in front of the odds. This team or competitor is favoured over the opposition, hence being called a favourite.

When betting a point spread, the favourite often lies or gives points to the opposition to make the wager evener. When wagering on the money line, the favourite will have a lesser return on the bet money.

2. Underdog


Opposite to a favourite, an underdog is the team or competitor oddsmakers expect to lose. Underdogs are often displayed with a plus sign in front of the odds.

Underdogs operate similarly to favourites regarding a point spread or a money line, just the opposite.

When betting a point spread, the underdog often receives extra points versus the opposition to make the wager evener. When wagering on the money line, the underdog will have a greater return on the bet money.

3. Pick or pick’em

Pick or pick’em
Pick or pick’em

A pick or a pick’em is when a bet is even on both sides regarding who the oddsmakers expect to win, meaning it’s a 50-50 proposition.

You “pick” who will come out on top without overcoming a point spread or lay odds. Betting the money line will lend an even return in pick-them contests.

4. Point Spread

Point Spread
Point Spread

A point spread is used even for a betting matchup between two sides. The favourite will give points to the other side, and the underdog will receive points. To win against the point spread, the favourite must overcome the number of points given to the underdog.

For the underdog to win against the point spread, the underdog can use the points given to overcome the opposition.

Because the point spread is used to even the matchup, your odds on a point-spread bet are much closer to your return.

5. Money Line

Money Line
Money Line

Betting on the money line means betting on the two sides straight up, without the added or subtracted points a point spread provides.

6. Total – 4 reasons to make your sports bets public


In a game, the total is the number of points scored. Oddsmakers and sportsbooks will often release lines for the total points scored between both teams in a game, and bettors can wager on whether they think the total will be over or under the listed amount.

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This is often referred to as an “over/under” bet. Oddsmakers and sportsbooks can also put up totals for each side separately.

Totals can also apply to wins in a season. Season win totals are among the most popular wagers across all major sports, especially in the NFL.

An oddsmaker or a sportsbook will determine a line to set for the number of wins a team will get in a regular season. Bettors can then wager if they think the team will win more or fewer games than the number posted.

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making your sports bets public comes with several advantages. By putting your predictions out there, you create a record of your insights, keeping you accountable and helping you learn from successes and failures. Publicizing your bets can also check lousy gambling habits, encouraging a more professional approach.

Taking your predictions seriously and sharing them publicly enhances your analytical skills and opens avenues for improvement.

Using mobile platforms and online tools allows easy documentation and review of your betting history. Embrace transparency, learn from the community, and enjoy a more informed sports betting experience.


How does publicizing bets help in learning?

Sharing predictions publicly allows for self-reflection, learning from mistakes, and gaining insights from the broader community of sports handicappers.

What is the significance of documenting sports bets?

Documenting sports bets helps maintain a record, review performance, and make informed decisions based on past experiences.

How does publicizing bets contribute to responsible gambling?

Publicizing bets encourages a severe approach, discouraging impulsive or reckless gambling behaviour. It fosters a more disciplined and responsible gambling mindset.

Why make sports bets public?

Making sports bets public creates a record, keeps bad habits in check, encourages a professional approach, and enhances self-analysis.

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