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4 Reasons to make your Sports Bets Public

Being loud about your sports bets is often useful. There are several benefits of blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking, and otherwise being vocal about your sports bets.

Here are some of the benefits for your very-public head.

  1. Things on Record
Things on Record

Things on Record

Making things public enters them into the public record. It is tough to get away from them. It will keep you hooked and it won’t be so easy to overlook a potential bad whiff on the O/U when the next College Football Playoff rolls around.

  1. Bad Habits under Check
Bad Habits under Check

Bad Habits under Check

Betting could be a lucrative idea. What would happen it all your sports gambling habits were public on a professional level? Although it would put the casinos into the trash heap, it would help you learn how not ever to think like that at the sportsbook.

  1. Taking Yourself Seriously
Taking Yourself Seriously

Taking Yourself Seriously

No gambler can take their analysis so seriously that they rule out the chance of learning anything from other sports handicappers. But when you note down your predictions and publish them in public, you gain a greater appreciation for your ability or lack of ability as gauging winners and losers.

You have to take your lumps when the predictions are wrong. In the future, you’d probably become a sports gambler of some sort.

  1. The Camera Eye
The Camera Eye

The Camera Eye

Mobile betting is gaining a lot of traction and hopefully, many gamblers use a laptop and an old-fashioned browser to place their bets whenever possible.

Internet facility makes it easy to juggle several windows at once while keeping the sportsbook odds on a corner of the screen. You can easily take in the big picture and the context of an event before choosing a wager for it.

You can now know the date, approximate time, circumstances, records, head coaches’ identities and more after reading a preview before start playing. This’s made the things in the record and faster. It has made things easier and better for a gambler.


Don’t just blog or Tweet or YouTube your picks and predictions. Be proud, loud and respectful about your reasons for making them public. It may bring some hard lessons. But it might also lead to more winnings giving you more motivation.

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