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3 Easy Casino Games to Learn for Beginners

3 Easy Casino Games to Learn for Beginners

We strongly recommend starting online gambling if you have never gambled before you go to a land-based casino. Here are 3 Easy Casino Games for beginners. This way you can understand the basics of the game and you need not worry about communicating with the other players or the casino environment or dealers. You can pause to check the rules if you want to and you can play as much as you want to. 

There are many gambling games available that can be extremely overwhelming even if you do choose to gamble online. You will either end up playing something you dislike or you won’t know what you are doing if you simply choose the first game which will make it even harder to learn.

We will recommend three casino games that are easy to learn to help you avoid making any of those mistakes. Here are 3 Easy Casino Games for beginners. There will also be a brief introduction to these games so that you understand the basics of it. There will also be other resources mentioned through which you can learn about the game in more detail.

1. Slot Machines and Video Poker

Slot Machines and Video Poker- 3 Easy Casino Games for beginners
Slot Machines and Video Poker

The easiest game in the casino to learn is slot machines. It is one of the 3 Easy Casino Games for beginners. You only need to put your money inside and pull the lever or push the button and pray that the symbols are all aligned in your favor. It is so easy that even a small child can pull this off if it was allowed legally.

There are multiple pay lines in slot machines that the amount of money you pay. Your initial bet can be as much as twenty-five cents per spin if you are playing on a penny slot machine since you would bet one penny on every other pay line.

Video poker is also quite similar to slot machines, and also one of the 3 Easy Casino Games for beginners. However, there is one significant difference. The device will deal five cards for you while you are playing video poker. The purpose of the game is to develop the best possible poker hand out of the cards you are dealt with. You can pick any of the cards you want to keep from the first deal and get rid of the ones you don’t want. Other cards will replace any cards that you have gotten rid of automatically. 

2. Roulette


You will probably be overwhelmed when you see a roulette table for the first time. You may ask yourself the reason why is an easy game being recommended? This is because learning roulette is quite easy and one of the 3 Easy Casino Games for beginners. It is not that hard to learn the concepts of the game.

The roulette wheel will be spun and a ball would be thrown on a track in the wheel by the croupier. The ball will land in one of the numbered pockets when the wheel stops spinning. Do you need to guess correctly in which pocket will the ball land? There are multiple ways in which you can make predictions and you can make unlimited predictions if you want to.

Inside bets and the outside bets are the two sections in which the roulette bets are separated. You can either select a set of numbers that are adjacent to each other on the table or wager that the ball will land on eight.

3. Baccarat or Blackjack

Baccarat or Blackjack
Baccarat or Blackjack

Many people would have told you that blackjack is one of the 3 Easy Casino Games for beginners. To some extent that might be right but there is a caveat that needs to be added. Blackjack is quite an easy game to learn and a very straightforward game to play but there needs to be a lot of memorizing to be done to learn how it plays it perfectly.

The aim in blackjack is to get the number that is the closest to 21 without going any over it. You battle against the dealer. Both you and the dealer get two cards to begin with and the player has to decide whether he wants to stay or hit. There are certain rules that the dealer needs to follow to decide when they get extra cards.

Blackjack has an incredibly low house edge and is one of the best games in the casino. The house goes only to 0.5% if you play it correctly. And anyone can do that if they apply basic math to the game while figuring out the odds of winning in every situation. Face cards are more in the deck than any other cards so you can predict that the next card will be a ten majority of the time.

While playing blackjack no one likes to sit around and do basic math. Hence, mathematicians have figured out exactly what moves you need to make depending on the total value of your hand and the value of the card that the dealer has. This information has been put on charts called strategy guides. 

You can play a perfect game of blackjack if you use a strategy guide to determine exactly what to do in every single situation. Always remember that a perfect game will not indicate that you will never lose. It only means that you made the best moves to provide you the best chances of winning.


One of the most amazing things about gambling is that there are so many different games that you can play. It is quite fun and interesting to have a variety of games that you can explore that the casino provides. However, there needs to be a certain amount of time and skill to be dedicated to a single game to learn how to play all the games in the casino.  This process can be exhausting and some games are much more accessible to learn than others.

Easy to learn games of the casino are slot machines and video poker. Roulette might seem complicated at once but it is easier than you think. Once you understand the math behind the game, Baccarat and blackjack are also quite easy to learn. You will feel more confident cracking other games in the casino once you get a hold of these games.