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2 degrees in New Zealand brings in new mobile phone Wi-Fi services

2 degrees in New Zealand brings in new mobile phone Wi-Fi services

2 degrees mobile

New Zealand’s third largest mobile operator, 2degrees, has introduced new services allowing customers to call and message from their mobile phones using a Wi-Fi connection, even when you are outside a mobile coverage area. With the introduction of Wi-Fi Calling or Voice over Wi-Fi, it is making it easier for users to stay connected.

According to 2degrees, its mobile network covers 98.5% of places people live and work in New Zealand, but the country’s terrain does create challenging coverage areas, where signals can be weak in places like valleys or gullies, as well as at the edge of a base station’s range. Also maintaining strong cellular coverage inside homes and office buildings can often be problematic due to building materials that impact signal propagation.

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According to 2degrees at the heart of its Wi-Fi Calling service is Metaswitch’s cloud native communications software — including Rhino TAS, Clearwater virtual IMS Core, Perimeta virtual Session Border Controller and Service Assurance Server — and the Virtualised ePDG from Metaswitch partner, Affirmed Networks.

Their combined cloud native solutions not only provide the foundation for 2degrees next-generation services, like Wi-Fi Calling, but also deliver the benefits of virtual network functions (VNFs) that are inherently designed for cloud environments. 2degrees is the latest mobile operator to recognise the value of cloud native communication software in helping to achieve service innovations that enhance their customers experience, as well as increase their own efficiency.

Broadband on 2degrees

2 degrees mobile broadband plans

2degrees Broadband has two great value plans to choose from toget best connection available at your home, and you simply add on a home phone or Fibre Speed Boost if you want one. You can wither choose your monthly data for NZD75 and get 80GB connection available up to 100/20Mbps

Or get NZD $85 Unlimited available with up to 100/20Mbps andalso get $200 joining credit on a 12 month term. Pay monthly mobile users get $10 off on both these plans

2degrees Mobile App

2 degrees mobile app

With 2 degrees mobile app you can manage your account on the go. This app can be downloaded all free from app store be it iTunes or Google Play for Android or iPhone. You will need to re-register with an email address to login. This will allow you to now manage multiple 2degrees phone numbers with one easy login.

Also you can check your Prepay credit, minutes, text and data balances or check your Pay Monthly balances and Pay your Pay Monthly bill.  Also top up your phone using a credit card or top up voucher and manage Add-ons. Note there is no charge and it’s free as long as you’re accessing the 2degrees App using your 2degrees SIM card and in NZ. However, if you are connected via Wi-Fi, the App will use your Wi-Fi allowance just like any other site that you browse on your phone.

Also any iPhone running iOS 8 or above and Android capable devices using version 4.1 or above are compatible with this app. This App will work on iPads or Android tablets as well. However, as it has been designed for phones, the resolution on larger screens may not be as sharp. In case you need more details contact 2degrees from Mobile at 0800 022 022 and the help team is available at 8am – 10pm for 7 days or contact online.